Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bonus Indignation

** Check out the follow up article, "The Unconstitutional Congress. **

Congress is shocked, shocked, to see that AIG awarded bonuses to employees! Gasp, contracts existed where if employees met certain conditions they would get bonuses. How dare they!?! Cheap? No. 100% Free. Trade stocks for free on Zecco.com. The Free Trading Community. www.zecco.com

How much are these bonuses? $787 billion, nope? How about $401 billion, try again? What about $178 billion? Not even close, the bonuses are $156 million. So why am I so sarcastic? Simple, these indignant Congressmen are hypocrites! Hey Grassley, have you clowns considered resigning in shame at your reckless abandon in spending, which is far less than Seppuku that you are calling the AIG folks to perform? I didn't think so.

After spending like drunken sailors and setting up any number of bailout programs, these goofballs are angry because employee contracts were fulfilled? I guess that's what skilled politicians do, feign anger at insignificant events all the while smiling and laughing while creating the conditions for hyper inflation.

Consider, as stated in the Wall Street Journal, that, "He (Obama) and the rest of the political class thus neatly deflected attention from the larger outrage, which is the five-month Beltway cover-up over who benefited most from the AIG bailout."

Shocked? Don't be, considering the likes of Sen. Chris "Sweetheart Mortgage" Dodd (D-CT) and Rep. Barney "I had a sexual relationship with a Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses" Frank (D-MA) who are on the case. Protect your Medical Identity with TrustedID. $1,000,000 Warranty & Great Customer Service

Congress has had its hands in the financial crisis since the very beginning and bear a significant amount of blame. For them to start criticizing private employment contracts is absurd, much like everything else Congress and Obama have been doing since his inauguration. It is time to face the facts that government has overstepped and our country is in danger of losing its foundation in the rule of law.

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