Friday, July 24, 2009

India Rejects Carbon Bullies

It should come as no surprise that I find all of the panic and hysteria around "global warming," wait, now it just "climate change," utter nonsense. Fortunately, India holds the same view and has told the EU carbon bullies to take a hike.

The Financial Times online reports:

India rejected key scientific findings on global warming, while the European Union called for more action by developing states on greenhouse gas emissions.

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I say good for India! Much of the so-called science around "climate change" has either been debunked, disputed, or just plain junk! What really is happening is the EU and developed-world hand-wringers are busy trying to protect their economic backsides from rapidly-developing BrIC (Brazil, India, China).

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All of the Kyoto climate regulations aim at reducing emissions (not a bad thing), but for the developing world, that means reducing its ability to grow their manufacturing economies. Although I encourage clean air, clean water, and healthy working conditions, developing countries currently lack the resources to accomplish all three. Instead, they have to work to improve their economies to afford expensive pollution controls, municipal water treatment, and modernized plants.

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Although the other angle being played here is over financing for emission reductions, I think the bigger issue is that the science doesn't support the dire claims of climate cry-babies.

From the article:

Mr Ramesh on Friday reiterated that India would not accept emissions caps to held curb global warming, Bloomberg reported. “The world has nothing to fear from India’s development ... An artificial cap is not desirable and not even necessary as we haven’t been responsible for emissions in the first place,” he said.

I agree with Mr. Ramesh on this issue and support India's stance. As a sovereign, responsible nation, it must do what is best for its citizenry. In the case of India, it is to promote economic prosperity, freedom, and safety. While I hope India will more seriously address the need for clean drinking water, I do understand that things take time.

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SSG_E said...

It's good that India rejects the global warming/climate change myth. It is one of the dirtiest most polluted countries on earth, however. This secular religion that is the church of global warming/climate change takes the focus away from real environmental problems that are serious. Just shows the true intentions of Gore and his drones. They don't care about the environment, it is all a front.

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