Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HHO Sounds More Like HHype

In my previous post about HHO, titled "HHO or Hype," I was pretty balanced about my opinion.

Well, I am beginning to believe that HHO is more snake oil than I did before. I was willing to consider the possibility that the injection of hydrogen into the air mixture could improve combustion. Click Here to Shop 4wd.com

While I was also willing to accept that the turning engine would provide the energy necessary to perform the hydrolysis, nobody has been willing to submit to a true, third-party laboratory test.

Here is the full text email I got when I made that suggestion:

So, know anyone who owns a lab? I don't have the time to get labs to test
anything, or the money. By the time they get it done anyways, I will be
driving a hover car or using the transporter. We have logged hundreds of
hours ourselves, and we know what has worked for us. Good enough for me.
Everyone else will just have to take it or leave it.

Sounds a little defensive and cry-babyish for me. If you are water4gas, or Punchhho, or the makers of Hydro 4000, why would you not want a laboratory test?? Maybe it won't work as advertised? Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

While I am willing to concede that lab testing is time consuming and potentially costly, can you imagine the boost in sales they would get? Also, these companies could make great acquisition targets. I would consider lab testing the cost of doing business. But hey, I am just a blogger, with an MBA, working for a Fortune 20 company.

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