Monday, October 6, 2008

Forget HHO, Go HCCI

In previous posts, ("HHO or HHype" and "HHO Sounds More Like HHype") I have provided a 10,000 foot overview of the HHO topic for increased fuel efficiency. In general, I have found it impractical at best and highly dangerous at worst.

However, there is a newer topic being researched at Berkeley, GM, and Sandia National Laboratory called Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition. Here is a video about GM's research. Shop DriveTime First! Bad credit, no credit, no problem. Apply on-line.

The long and short of it is trying to get a gasoline engine to perform more like a diesel in efficiency. Berkeley explains it best: "Unlike a traditional S.I. or Diesel engine, HCCI combustion takes place spontaneously and homogeneously without flame propagation. This eliminates heterogeneous air/fuel mixture regions. In addition, HCCI is a lean combustion process. These conditions translate to a lower local flame temperature which lower the amount of Nitric Oxide (NOx) produced in the process. NOx is a gas that is believed to be responsible for the creation of ozone (O3)." 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring alerts you to changes on all 3 of your credit reports! Get a free 7-day trial plus credit report & score!

Increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions, using standard platforms, now that is what I call economically efficient. Let's hope that the technology around the lifters is improved to make this viable soon.

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