Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Bye GM, Hello People's Car!

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"Let me be clear. The United States government has no interest in running GM. We have no intention of running GM" - President Teleprompter, March 30, 2009.

Nobody ever accused President Teleprompter of truthfulness, or accuracy. However, his fits of reverse psychology are beginning to create a pattern. Whether the issue is nationalizing Chrysler and GM, or so-called "torture photos," the President says the opposite of what he truly means. Executives & Professionals: Changing Jobs?

Reuters reports on 19 May 2009 the following:

"NEW YORK, May 19 (Reuters) - General Motors Corp's (GM.N) plan for a bankruptcy filing involves a quick sale of the company's healthy assets to a new company initially owned by the U.S. government, a source familiar with the situation said on Tuesday."

Huh, not wanting to run GM, right... So, President Teleprompter has made it clear for months that Americans should drive the cars that he wants us to drive, not what we want. To realize his dream of econobox hybrids for everyone, he has nationalized GM with over $15.4 billion of U.S. taxpayer money! Includes 300 FREE Fax Pages per month

To add insult to injury, Reuters continues:

"The government's plans include giving stakes in the new company to GM's union and bondholders, although the ownership structure of the company is still being negotiated, said the source who is familiar with the company's plans."

Great, another union give away, just like Chrysler. Americans, are you starting to see a trend?? The rule of law is being destroyed before our very eyes! President Teleprompter has created the largest patronage system in modern history, all using taxpayer money. Protect your Medical Identity with TrustedID. $1,000,000 Warranty & Great Customer Service

If you are a GM bond holder, you better be screaming louder than you have ever screamed to stop this madness. Bankruptcy laws in this country, especially the principal of absolute priority, make large-scale commercial lending possible. I warned you about this in "Killing Chrysler."

Americans, open your eyes to the trend! Whether banks, health care, or cars, President Teleprompter and his cronies in Congress want there hands on everything. This country can not continue to exist unless this madness stops. Exercise your legal rights in bankruptcy courts, voting booths, and writing your Senators and Representatives. American capitalism is truly on the verge of collapse.

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