Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Solar Saves Lives

Although this blog is focused on value and money, there is nothing more valuable than human life. That's why I am pleased to write about a nifty gadget that uses solar energy and plastic to bring clean drinking water to the poorest of the world.

Both and have articles about the Solaqua, an inexpensive device that uses the sun to purify water. Water Barrels and Storage

It was designed by "...Jason Lam, a student at the University of New South Wales in Australia. It was runner-up in the student division of the 2009 Australian Design Award - James Dyson Award announced on May 29."

Simply, the device has a central funnel with a filter, that then distributes the water to 5, two liter bottles. The bottles have black bottoms to concentrate the rays of the sun, and the plastic is designed to reflect the UV rays of the sun. This method is known as SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) and is recommended by the World Health Organization. Discover Top Rated Mighty Leaf Herbal Tea. Tea lovers love our delicious herbal tea blends. You will too. Save 25% on your first order!

As an American, I am used to clean drinking water from the tap. However, having traveled to China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries without clean drinking water, I know just how blessed we American's are. Water borne pathogens kill millions of people each year, with children and the elderly hardest hit. A simple system such as Solaqua can help prevent many of these deaths, cheaply and easily.

The true value of any innovation is how much it helps promote human life. To Jason Lam and, I salute you and encourage you in your work! I also encourage my readers to take active steps to promote clean drinking water to the poorest among us.

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