Monday, June 22, 2009

Support Liberty and Peace in Iran!


As there has been no meaningful statement of support from President Obama, I am making the one on behalf of freedom-loving Americans.

People of Iran,

May God's peace be upon you in your struggle for liberty and peace!

America and Americans support you! Stay strong and courageous!

Liberty is the right of all people, as well as peace. Sadly, your ancient nation has suffered at the hands of tyrants and radicals in recent years. As you struggle to assert your dignity and God given rights, know that America and all Americans support you! May peace and liberty come to your land. May you be safe in your homes and places of worship, free from terror and oppression.

In the final words of one of our beloved, patriot songs:

From every mountain side, LET FREEDOM RING!

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Peace and Freedom for Iran!
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